●a short-story vending machine

French Vending Machines That Dispense Short Stories Instead Of Snacks

Stories are dispensed free and categorized by how long you’ve got to read them.

Many have lamented the lost art of reading in our social-media driven, content-hungry world, but few have actually tried to do anything about it.
Whether you think it’s a problem or not that people aren’t reading as much as they perhaps used to, pretty much everyone can get excited by the chance to read a story for free. If you live near to Grenoble, the capital of the French Alps, you’ve now got that chance, because the city has just installed free story-dispensing vending machines in some of its most popular public spaces.
The strange, screen-less contraptions are the brainchild of Christophe Sibieude (the co-founder and head of publishing start-up Short Edition) and Grenoble’s Green Party mayor, Eric Piolle. The pair hope that commuters and bystanders will make use of these stories to expand and enrich their minds while waiting around, rather than tapping their way aimlessly through Facebook or Twitter.
Speaking to Agence-France Presse, Sibieude explained that “The idea came to us in front of a vending machine containing chocolate bars and drinks. We said to ourselves that we could do the same thing with good quality popular literature to occupy these little unproductive moments.”
Stories are dispensed according to how much time you’ve got to spend reading, and the “three-minute” version reportedly arrives on a piece of paper 8cm wide by 60cm long. Stories are completely free and there are eight machines in total distributed throughout the town.
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