⦿ Dennis Raymond

Dennis :: From time to time I re-visit sweet memories of you from the ’80s — from the time we were introduced by Chuck  at the end of watch one night in the basement of the PAB. . . to that lovely evening when we slow-danced to Sade at twilight in my apartment on Park Blvd.   Even though we’re old now and many years have passed, I’ve never lost my fondness for you. .  you are an enduring sweetness in my memories, for what once was, when we were young. . . Thank you.



⦿Meowing Cockatoo & befuddled kittens. . & Parrot crying like baby


. . . . Parrot does ‘crying baby’ . . with the authentic Baby Shriek and everything !  I’ll bet having to hear this gets old real quick

⦿ Best of Eddie Murphy, Saturday Night Live, 1980-84. . 1 hour +

 Celebrity Hot Tub, Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood, Buckwheat, Velvet Jones, Little Richard Simmons, Gumby, more
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. ”’Hot tub.. gonna get in the Hot Tub.. Hot Tub,  Hot Tub, rub-a-dub in the Hot Tub !o
Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood  2:55           Kill My Landord  37:40

another Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood 

Hey !  here’s another from 1984   

✪ Cats & more cats

Batman cat_   _not stupid cat


. .  . . . . . . cat-paw-under-door-sproing                                                            . . . . . . . .. . . .           sproing  sproing  sproing

. . . . . . . . .cat gopher hole                                                                   . . . . . . . . . . . .       a message for the gopher

cat bathroom visit  _ penguin cat

cat attention
  __  cat and yarn

                                                                         I got YARN !

cat bunny suit    cat paw teddy    
 . .I will GET YOU for this.                                      teddy bear paw

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⦿Let’s Dance~David Bowie & Elvis impersonation. ♥R.I.P.

♥ R.I.P. ♥    10Jan16 .  a lovely and gracious man in addition to his many talents. . . . . . . . . .
. . under the moonlight, this Serious Moonlight . .                                           ..David Bowie was a big Elvis fan, even wrote a song for him (declined!)
His Elvis impersonation – Christmas Greetings  (he’s spot- on!) 

●a short-story vending machine

French Vending Machines That Dispense Short Stories Instead Of Snacks

Stories are dispensed free and categorized by how long you’ve got to read them.

Many have lamented the lost art of reading in our social-media driven, content-hungry world, but few have actually tried to do anything about it.
Whether you think it’s a problem or not that people aren’t reading as much as they perhaps used to, pretty much everyone can get excited by the chance to read a story for free. If you live near to Grenoble, the capital of the French Alps, you’ve now got that chance, because the city has just installed free story-dispensing vending machines in some of its most popular public spaces.
The strange, screen-less contraptions are the brainchild of Christophe Sibieude (the co-founder and head of publishing start-up Short Edition) and Grenoble’s Green Party mayor, Eric Piolle. The pair hope that commuters and bystanders will make use of these stories to expand and enrich their minds while waiting around, rather than tapping their way aimlessly through Facebook or Twitter.
Speaking to Agence-France Presse, Sibieude explained that “The idea came to us in front of a vending machine containing chocolate bars and drinks. We said to ourselves that we could do the same thing with good quality popular literature to occupy these little unproductive moments.”
Stories are dispensed according to how much time you’ve got to spend reading, and the “three-minute” version reportedly arrives on a piece of paper 8cm wide by 60cm long. Stories are completely free and there are eight machines in total distributed throughout the town.
James Hunt 20 . 10 . 15


✺ Colorful Creatures

 Yellow Boxfish
Yellow boxfish

Blue & Yellow Grasshopper

yellow & blue grassshopper

Picasso Bug

Picaso bug


Wilson’s Black Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise- colors

Horned Sea Slug
Sea slug blue w horns

sources :
• http://www.ghat.us/2014/10/33-animals-that-are-shockingly-colorful.html
         via stumbleupon
• omgmo.info/2015/08/35-weird-animals-you-need-to-see.html

⦿ Mr. Incredibeard .~. crazy beard sculptures

= formatted for PC =
Bow tie
 10 Most Epic Beard Sculptures by Mr. Incredibeard

…………………………………..Dec.2014      reblogged from  themost10.com/

On September 10 – 2012, Isaiah Webb uploaded a photo of him showing his stylish beard to his instagram account. Luckily, that photo went viral and that’s how “Incredibeard” was born. Since then, he built up hundreds-of-thousands of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook followers, as well as an e-commerce website selling follicle-related products. Today, Isaiah Webb still uses  his social media base to share interesting and creative beard designs, as well as t-shirts and beard grooming products  in his online store, with a portion of sales also helping provide access to clean water for children.  Just 10 of them were picked for this list; there are more amazing designs in his instagram account.

10 – The Man Moth Prophecy
The Man Moth Prophecy

09 – Beardlympics


08 – Boss Beard


07 – Inner-Beard Peace


06 – Bearded Bow-Tie

Bow tie

05 – 100% Beard

100 Beard

04 – Bearducopia


03 – Bowl O’Beard Ramen

Bowl O Beard Ramen

02 – Fudgy the BeardMan

Fudgy the BeardMan

01 – Octopus Beard

Octopus Beard

♦ Happy Birthday {jade birds image} & Happy Birthday Song – parrots

Happy birthday jade birds 2 larger. . .. .
. . .  
original creation – ktz2.  Feel free to use, with credit
. . https://boodlz.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/happy-birthday-jade-birds/

 ꕹꕹꕹꕹ ꕹꕹꕹꕹ ꕹꕹꕹꕹꕹꕹꕹꕹ ꕹꕹꕹꕹ ꕹꕹꕹꕹꕹ
 Boozle the Parrot Happy Birthday   Rodrigo the Parrot – Spanish Birthday song 

●Chattanooga Choo Choo . . & . .Gal in Kalamazoo – Glenn Miller & Nicholas Brothers- Sun Valley Serenade 1941

.   The Nicholas Brothers’ sequences were cut from the movies at the time for showing in
. . ‘the South’–because the majority of white southerners would not patronize theaters
. . showing movies with ‘black people’ in them. ~Dorothy Dandridge with the Nicholas Brothers

Chattanooga Choo Choo – ‘Sun Valley Serenade’ 1941  —————————————————————————————————
Gal in Kalamazoo –  Sun Valley Serenade 1941  The Nicholas Brothers in backflips & flying splits !

⦿Romeo & Juliet ♥ Mark Knopfler & Darling Pretty – live’96

 Live 1996( he chokes up on  ‘I can’t do anything but be in love with you. .’)

original studio video 1980 – strange but compelling Romeo & Juliet new lyrics 2 WP


✪ Darling Pretty  a  pretty  song that sounds like an ancient  Celtic tune, but Mark wrote it  Darling Pretty lyrics edit……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

♥ Ghost-Dating ! parody dating site

. . .  Ghostbusters go home new... . . ..  . .  .boo ..  . . . …….   ghost guy new 485318. .
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. . .boo
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ghostdating join new

ghost registration

. .  I wonder what I should write in my Ghost Singles bio ?
ghostdating bio

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ghost 4 profiles

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ghost boodles reconstr snap .
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✪ Cat Gifs & the SlinkyCat

                                                                          double   trouble                     

. .   ..



    kitten tag youre it    
   Batcat  –  good kitty !         
 /          BOOP  –   TAG  uou’re  IT !                  

cat high five     cat and dishwasher
                      cat high five            /            cat loves the dishwasher....                

   very  bratty  monkey  trying  to  start  some  shit   with  this  poor  kitty     



⦿ the FISH cheer, illustrated

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The  fish  swim  in  my  blog  creation :
fish strip snap 490x71 . .   Fish just fish snap Sept
 http://getyourfish.blogspot.com/ .. . Click   Here  arrow white in red black circle-SM arrow red and black circle up-sm

♥Goats !~- goofy Goats – Goats yelling & screaming like people – Bouncy baby goats – Goats in the Trees

‘Hey Dad–look what we can do !’  ‘You kids quit messing around right now !’  
 Goats yelling & screaming like people–FUNNY ! ..Bouncy baby goats       .  Tree  Goats  of   Morocco.
  Love my goat
__  ♥   ‘I love my goat‘  

●’A Subtle Kind of Love’ – a story by Jake Christie


 A  Subtle  Kind  of  Love ● . .       .  I love this piece !

He loved her in a distant kind of way, the same way the sun heats the Earth. If she were to disappear completely, he knew through pure logic that it would have no great, disastrous effect on him. He would not cease to be; he would not stop breathing; his heart would not stop beating; the world would not stop spinning. The sun would keep shining, radiating heat, if the Earth were not there. On a certain, purely physical level, her absence would have absolutely zero effect on his person.

And yet…He loved her in an abstract kind of way, the way a bee loves honey. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to love her, but he wanted to love her just the same. Maybe somebody told him once that he should be in love with somebody, so he felt a need to pick somebody and it just so happened to be her. Maybe being in love was nice, sure, but he didn’t need to be.

And yet…He loved her in a removed kind of way, the way a butterfly’s wings can start a tsunami halfway around the world. He knew that it had an effect on her, but he wasn’t sure how great. On a certain level he was aware that if he were to stop, if he were to disappear, it would have a drastic effect. For him it would be one less flap of his wings, in a manner of speaking,  if such a thing were possible without him falling from  the sky.

And yet…He loved her in a subtle kind of way. It wasn’t the kind of love you see in movies, with swelling music and giant gestures and running through the streets to catch a departing train. It wasn’t the kind of love that Byron or Shakespeare wrote about, with flowery language and hyperbole and iambic pentameter.  It was still and deep, like water that you might mistake for shallow if you just watched the surface. It was entirely his, not dependent on her own feelings for him, and it would still be there whether she, or he, or everyone else in the world disappeared.

It was a subtle kind of love, but it was true.  And she loved him just the same.
by Jake Christie  © 2011