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Bow tie
 10 Most Epic Beard Sculptures by Mr. Incredibeard

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On September 10 – 2012, Isaiah Webb uploaded a photo of him showing his stylish beard to his instagram account. Luckily, that photo went viral and that’s how “Incredibeard” was born. Since then, he built up hundreds-of-thousands of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook followers, as well as an e-commerce website selling follicle-related products. Today, Isaiah Webb still uses  his social media base to share interesting and creative beard designs, as well as t-shirts and beard grooming products  in his online store, with a portion of sales also helping provide access to clean water for children.  Just 10 of them were picked for this list; there are more amazing designs in his instagram account.

10 – The Man Moth Prophecy
The Man Moth Prophecy

09 – Beardlympics


08 – Boss Beard


07 – Inner-Beard Peace


06 – Bearded Bow-Tie

Bow tie

05 – 100% Beard

100 Beard

04 – Bearducopia


03 – Bowl O’Beard Ramen

Bowl O Beard Ramen

02 – Fudgy the BeardMan

Fudgy the BeardMan

01 – Octopus Beard

Octopus Beard